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BEFRI Genomics Day 2022


24 June 2022

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Responsable de l'activité

Rémy Bruggmann


Prof. Rémy Bruggmann, UNIBE


Dr. Pamela Nicholson, Next Generation Sequencing Platform | NGSP UniBE
Dr. Geert van Geest, Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit | IBU UniBE
M. Thomas Roder, IBU UniBE
Dr. Cornelia Bär, Agroscope
Dr. Stefan Müller, FCCS Facility UniBE
Dr. Astrid Chanfon, VetSuisse UniBE
Dr. Heidi Tschanz, IBU UniBE
Ms Andrina Rutsch, DBMR UniBE
Mr. Demeter Túrós,VetSuisse UniBE

PhD students:
Melissa Pitton
Yanyun Gao
Shohreh Teimuri
Vincent Sommerville
Ilektra Schulz
Philipp Zens


The field of Genomics continues to grow in importance and new techniques emerge regularly both to produce data and to analyze data. We will invite several local and foreign speakers to present their methods and results. Selected PhD students will present shortly their projects. All CUSO PhD students will be invited to have lunch with the speakers.


Program Morning
09:10 Welcome Address
09:15 Pamela Nicholson, Next Generation Sequencing Platform | NGSP UniBE
«NGS Platform UniBe/UniFr»

09:30 Geert van Geest, Interfaculty Bioinformatics Unit | IBU UniBE
«Bioinformatics Platform UniBe»

09:45 Thomas Roder, IBU UniBE
«Open Genome Browser»

10:00 Cornelia Bär, Agroscope
«Open Genome Browser in daily research»

10:15 Coffee Break

10:45 Spacial Transcriptomics & Single Cell RNA-seq | From Sample Preparation to Data Analysis
- Stefan Müller, FCCS Facility UniBE: «Sample preparation for single cell RNA-seq»
- Astrid Chanfon, VetSuisse UniBE: «Sample preparation for spatial Transcriptomics»
- Pamela Nicholson, NGS Platform UniBE: «NGS of spatial and single cell samples»
- Heidi Tschanz, IBU UniBE: «Data Analysis: Making sense of the data»

11:45 Andrina Rutsch, DBMR UniBE
«Effects of the microbiota and ketogenic diet on the mouse brain explored by spatial transcriptomics »

12:05 Demeter Túrós,VetSuisse UniBE
«Comparison of mouse cancer "tissue" before and after treatment»

12:30 Lunch in the foyer

Program Afternoon

13:30 Selected PhD student presentations
Melissa Pitton:
«Functional Microbial Genomics in the ICU»
Yanyun Gao:
« Single-cell RNA sequencing in malignant pleural mesothelioma»
Shohre Teimuri:
«Investigating the function of Top3beta in Drosophila RNA localization and translation.»
Vincent Sommerville:
«The effects of persistent and transient phage infections in cheese-associated communities»
Ilektra Schulz:
to be announced
Philipp Zens:
to be announced

15:00 Coffee Break & Poster Session with labs from UniBE and UniFRI

16:30 Closing

The following labs will be present their work and research project proposals:
- Group Pierre-Marie Allard - Group Eliane Marti
- Group Cord Drögemüller - Group Peter Meister
- Group Laurent Falquet - Group Charlotte Ng
- Group Philine Feulner - Group Christian Parisod
- Group Thomas Flatt - Group Aurel Perren
- Group Manfred Heller - Group Sven Rottenberg
- Group Thomas Lemmin - Group Ole Seehausen
- Group Sebastian Leidel - Group Benjamin Towbin
- Group Ilaria Marinoni - Group Daniel Wegmann
- Group Denise C. Zysset-Burri


UNIBE, Unitobler, room F 021, Lerchenweg 36, 3012 Bern.



Unitobler, Room F 021, Lerchenweg 36, 30120 Bern
From Bern Main Station you may take the bus nr. 12 and either get off at Mittelstrasse or Unitobler.
It takes about 12 minutes from the train station (exit Welle 7) when walking.


Event details:


Reimbursements for CUSO students: train ticket, 2°class, half-fare from your institution to the place of the activity. NO reimbursement for your meal expenses.


NEW from 2021: Reimbursement of your travel tickets can be asked online through your MyCUSO.
See HERE for the procedure. For any question concerning reimbursement please contact the CUSO StarOmics coordinator Corinne Dentan.

Other CUSO students:
Please contact the coordinator of your program.



Please register by sending a mail to: Jolanda.paganoni(at)bioinformatics.unibe(dot)ch



Deadline for registration 20.06.2022

University of Bern


Jolanda Paganoni Zurbrügg

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