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BEFRI Genomics Day 2021


26 March 2021

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Responsable de l'activité

Laurent Falquet


Dr. Laurent Falquet, UNIFR


Mr. Valentin Scherz, CHUV, UNIL
Dr. Rob Finn, EBI, UK
Mr. Silas Kieser, UniGe
Dr. Michel Koch, UniBe
Dr. Pamela Nicholson, UniBe
Dr. Petra Zimmermann, HFR, UniFr
Prof. Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg, UniBe
Prof. Wolfram Brück, HESSO-Valais
Dr. Alban Ramette, IKIF, InselSpital, UniBe


The field of Genomics continues to grow in importance and new techniques emerge regularly both to produce data and to analyze data. We will invite several local and foreign speakers to present their methods and results. Selected PhD students will present shortly their projects.


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9:15 Welcome address

9:20 Mr. Valentin Scherz, CHUV, UNIL
« Salivary microbiota for identification in forensics »

9:55 Dr. Rob Finn, EBI, UK
« Understanding the complete microbial repertoire using MGnify »

10:30 Mr. Silas Kieser, UniGe
« Genome-resolved metagenomics with three commands »

Coffee break

11:15 Dr. Michel Koch, UniBe
« Virus hunting using metagenomics: from sequence to disease »

11:50 Dr. Pamela Nicholson, UniBe
« The Next Generation Sequencing Platform -who are we and what do we offer? »

Lunch break

13:15 PhD student short talks

14:00 Dr. Petra Zimmermann, HFR, UniFr
« The importance of the microbiome on infant's health »

14:35 Prof. Stephanie Ganal-Vonarburg, UniBe
« Metagenomics for the analysis of compositional and genomic stability of a gnotobiotic murine model microbiota »

Coffee break

15:25 Prof. Wolfram Brück, HESSO-Valais
« Influence of dietary insects on the gut microbiota – in vitro gut modelling and 16S Oxford Nanopore sequencing »

16:00 Dr. Alban Ramette, IKIF, InselSpital, UniBe
« Nanopore-based metagenomics and metatranscriptomics in the clinical setting »








Deadline for registration 01.04.2021
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