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CUSO Biology Symposium 2022 II: 'Bioinformatics' (SIB)


30 June - 1 July

Lang EN Workshop language is English

Dr Grégoire Rossier, SIB

  • Laurent Falquet
  • Philipp Bucher
  • Mario Iurlaro
  • Guido van Mierlo

A 2-day workshop will follow the CUSO Biology Symposium on epigenomics. It will be a bioinformatics training on epigenomics data, DNA methylation, histone modification and chromatine re-arrangement.

In this workshop we will try to have continuity with the symposium, on a more applied and bioinformatics side.

Day 1: General introduction to the data for epigenomics. DNA Methylation: ½ for prok and ½ for Euka DNA methylation (bisulfite)

Day 2: Histone modification and chromatine re-arrangement (mainly eukaryotes) (½ day) questions, participants projects, (½ day)


Please note that registration to the two parts of the Symposium has to be done separately:

For the first part: CUSO Biology Symposium 2022 I 'Advances in Epigenetics and Epigenomics'

For the second part: CUSO Biology Symposium 2022 II: 'Bioinformatics' (SIB)


Epigenetics modifications are important modifications of the DNA or the chromatin that affect the bacteria and higher eukaryotes. These modifications can be transmitted from generation to generation, carrying information affecting the gene expression in the off-springs. Current next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies allow for the detection of those modifications at the genome level introducing the «epigenomics». In this workshop we will explore the bioinformatics methods available for studying these data. Since these can be divided in two main categories, DNA methylation on the one hand and chromatin modifications on the other hand, the workshop will reflect this with a first day dedicated to DNA methylation analysis both in prokaryotes and in eukaryotes. The second day will focus on the chromatin modifications (histones and other proteins) in normal and cancerous tissues.

This workshop is coupled with the symposium Advances in Epigenetics and Epigenomics that is going to take place the first 3 days of this week (27-29 June 2022). Please note that although at the same location, these are two independent events, with separate registrations.

This course is addressed to life scientists who want to learn analysis related to epigenetics modifications.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the participants are expected to:
have learned about DNA methylation data analysis using R packages and web tools. have learned about analysis of chromatin modifications using R packages and web tools.

Knowledge / competencies

  • basic knowlege of epigenetic processes
  • basic knowledge of command line (UNIX)
  • basic knowledge of R


You are required to have your own computer with R/RStudio installed, as well as packages to be installed in advance, and that will be communicated to the participants on due time.
Schedule - CET time zone

Day 1

  • Short general introduction about epigenomics data.
  • Prokaryotic DNA methylation (lecture & hands-on).
  • Eukaryotic DNA methylation (lecture & hands-on).

Day 2

  • Histone modification and chromatine re-arrangement.
  • Cancer epigenomics.

Venue and Time
This workshop will take place at the Centre de conférences et de séminaires, Caux Palace, North of Montreux.

Additional information
Coordination: Grégoire Rossier (SIB), Corinne Dentan (StarOmics).

You are welcome to register to the SIB courses mailing list to be informed of all future courses and workshops, as well as all important deadlines using the form here.

SIB abides by the ELIXIR Code of Conduct. Participants of SIB courses are also required to abide by the same code.

For more information, please contact [email protected]


Caux (VD)




Location: Caux



Reimbursements for CUSO EE Students:

- Train ticket, 2nd class, half-fare from the main train station of your university location to the place of the activity.- NO reimbursement for your meal expenses.

NEW since 2021: Reimbursement of your travel tickets can be asked online through your MyCUSO account.

See HERE for the procedure.

For any question regarding reimbursements please contact the CUSO EE coordinator Catherine Suarez at: ecologie-evolution(at) cuso(dot)ch.


A participation of 30.- CHF : to be paid before June 1st at the latest. Bank details will be sent in the confirmation e-mail.


In case of cancellation before the deadline (03.06): free Late cancellation (after 03.06) or 'no-show': 50 CHF administrative fee will be demanded.


Deadline for registration: 03.06.2022

- 10 places available for CUSO EE students


Participants will be asked a registration fee of CHF 30.- to be paid before June 1st at the latest. Bank details will be sent in the confirmation e-mail.


In case of cancellation, before the deadline (03.06): free Late cancellation or 'no-show': 50 CHF administrative fee will be demanded.



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