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Spatially Explicit Eco-Evolutionary Simulations


May 11-12, 2023

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Dr Claudio Quilodran, UNIGE


Dr Mathias Currat, UNIGE
Dr Claudio S. Quilodrán, UNIGE


This course aims to present useful bioinformatics tools for young researchers interested in simulations of spatially explicit eco-evolutionary dynamics. This course will set the basis for further research aiming to understand the past and future evolution of any taxa. The course will focus on simulations using the SPLATCHE series software, which is a spatially explicit tool that allows the joint simulation of ecological information and molecular diversity. This framework offers the advantage of being able to simulate complex evolutionary scenarios, taking into account the spatial dynamics between interacting populations. It is also used in studies simulating ecological and evolutionary dynamics. The course will also give an overview of model comparison and estimation of parameter values by using an approximate Bayesian computation approach (ABC). Indeed spatially explicit simulations with SPLATCHE3 will be integrated within this Bayesian framework.

All programs presented in the course are free, and easy to install on any kind of computer. Upon conclusion of the course, the attendees are expected to be able to:

  • Simulate ecological and molecular data for any question related to eco-evolutionary dynamics.
  • Discriminate alternative simulated scenarios and estimation of parameter values in a context of ABC.

The training will provide an introductory theoretical basis in spatially explicit simulations and concentrate on practical aspects through case study applications. It will enable students to work autonomously to solve problems while handling data and conducting data analyses pertinent to biological research.



University of Geneva, Sciences II, Room 4-421



11 -12 March 2023


University of Geneva
Sciences II, UA, 4th floor room 4-421
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30, 1205 Geneva


Catherine Suarez
@: [email protected]





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